About Us

Areas of specialisation
We offer an all-round financial planning and advisory service, but we also offer specialist advice in the following areas:

-Pension advice and switching

-inheritance tax mitigation
-retirement planning
-discretionary fund management (through our sister company FACET)


What we offer you

We aim to offer all our clients an efficient, first class, professional service, while retaining the personal touch. This allows you as a client to benefit from our years of experience and study to create a plan tailored to your specific requirements. Our research and administration is backed up by the latest technology which provides assurance of our confidentiality and trustworthiness.

The benefits of becoming our client
We want all our clients to benefit from our financial planning service in the following ways:

-feel in control of their financial situation
-be clear about their options
-identify and to achieve their financial goals
-manage their cash flow
-use their money effectively
-reduce their tax liability
-have a knowledgeable adviser to turn to whenever the need arises
-obtain regular and/or relevant financial reports
-feel confident in the service we offer